We provide affordable funeral options to help families plan a service that meets their financial situation. Parkside Memorial Funeral Home was established by Alvin Siemens, John Penner and Don Sommerfield. They built their business of the premise that all grieving families need someone they can trust to help guide them through every step of planning the funeral service.

Parkside Memorial provides many types of services:

  • Immediate Care Service
  • Memorial Service
  • Traditional Funeral Service
  • Graveside Service
  • Family Gatherings or Memorial Teas

A Licensed Funeral Director will help you choose a service that best suits your needs.


We offer prepayment options to families so that they can pay for their funeral ahead of time, which lessens the stress experienced at the time of death.

  • We provide our families with an afterloss program, which helps them with their loss.
  • We provide a yearly Christmas Vigil service for our families to help them cope with the difficult Christmas season.
  • We have various self help literature, pamphlets, carenotes, videos and books available to the public at no charge.